Co-facilitation process on treaty body review 2020

Letters from the PGA

  • Letter from PGA - 8 April 2020 – appointment of co-facilitators (PDF)
  • Letter from PGA – 22 May 2020 – convening launch of co-facilitator process at PR level on 2 June 2020 (Word)
  • Letter from PGA – 1 June 2020 and from co-facilitators 29 May 2020 – convening technical informative briefing at expert level on 4 June 2020 (PDF)
  • Letter form PGA 11 June 2020 (Word) and letter from co-facilitators 12 June 2020 (Word)
  • Letter from PGA 18 June and letter from co-facilitators 17 June seeking written contributions by 7 July 2020 (PDF) (Word)
  • Letter from PGA - 9 July 2020 – announcing replacement of co-facilitator (PDFWord)
  • Letter from PGA and co-facilitators, 20 July 2020: Dates of consultations with States and stakeholders in New York and Geneva (PDF)
  • Letter from PGA and co-facilitators 23 July 2020: Issues of discussion for consultations (PDF)
  • Letter from PGA and co-facilitators 20 August 2020: Informal consultations by the co-facilitators of the process of the consideration of the state of the UN human rights treaty body system on 28 August 2020 (PDF, Word)
  • Letter from PGA and co-facilitators – 4 September 2020 - Invitation to virtual wrap-up meeting of the review process – 11 September 2020 – (PDF, Word)

Launch of co-facilitation process, 2 June 2020

Virtual informal consultations to launch the review of the United Nations human rights treaty body system - Video I and Video II

Oral Statements/Presentations

Technical informative briefing, 4 June 2020

Oral Statements/Presentations


Call for written contributions/questionnaire on the UN human rights treaty body system
[letter addressed to States] [letter addressed to stakeholders]

  • Deadline 7 July 2020
  • Submissions should be sent in English as a MS Word Document to
  • All submissions will be published on this webpage



National Human Rights Institutions

Other Stakeholders

  UN Experts

Written contribution to the co-facilitators by the Chairs of the human rights treaty bodies (agreed at the 32nd Chairs meeting held on-line from 27-30 July 2020 due to COVID-19)

On-line Informal consultations with Member States, New York (27 July 2020)

Informal consultations of Chairs of the treaty bodies (28 July 2020)

  • Informal Summary

Hybrid: In person and on-line meetings, Geneva (28 August 2020)

Informal consultations with the High Commissioner and staff of the Office, Geneva (28 August 2020)

  • Informal Summary

Continuation of hybrid: In person and on-line meetings (2 September 2020)

Wrap-up session

General information

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