High Commissioner Treaty Body Strengthening Process

The High Commissioner’s consultation process for strengthening the treaty body system (2009-2012) was open to all relevant stakeholders, including treaty body members, National Human Rights Institutions, non-governmental organizations, academics and States parties who could contribute to this process both through formal and informal channels. The consultation process was multi-channeled and flexible and was composed of the following tracks:

Informal meetings and consultations among the following stakeholders:

States parties

Treaty body members

National Human Rights Institutions

Civil society organisations


UN entities and specialized agencies

Multi-stakeholders consultations

Access all outcome documents, reports, and statements here.

General information

Elections for treaty body members
Treaty body strengthening
The United Nations Human Rights Treaty System (Rev.1)
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What is a human rights treaty body? – a short video
Working Methods I
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Working Methods II
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Rules of Procedure
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Glossary of terms
Press Releases

Coordination between the treaty bodies

Consideration of State party reports
Consideration of individual complaints
Note for the State Parties
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Conduct inquiries
Adoption of general comments

Guidelines against Intimidation or Reprisals (San José Guidelines)

Reporting to the Committees