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The Human Rights Treaties Division (HRTD) Newsletter is a quarterly publication on the latest developments and activities of the United Nations human rights treaty body system.

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Human Rights Treaties Division Newsletters

No.25, October-December 2014.pdfNo.25, October-December 20141214 KB
No.24, July-September 2014.pdfNo.24, July-September 20141903 KB
No.23, April to June 2014.pdfNo.23, April to June 20142164 KB
No.22, January to March 2014.pdfNo.22, January to March 20141876 KB
No.21, July to October 2013.pdfNo.21, July to October 20131778 KB
No.19-20, January to June 2013.pdfNo.19-20, January to June 20132681 KB
No.18, October to December 2012.pdfNo.18, October to December 20122959 KB
No.16-17, April to September 2012.pdfNo.16-17, April to September 20123471 KB
No.15, January to March 2012.docNo.15, January to March 20128876 KB
No.14, October to December 2011.docNo.14, October to December 20119784 KB
No.13, July to September 2011.docNo.13, July to September 201116987 KB
No.12, April to June 2011.docNo.12, April to June 201113122 KB
No.11, January to March 2011.docNo.11, January to March 20116741 KB
No.10, October-December 2010.docNo.10, October-December 20101140 KB
No. 9, July-September 2010.pdfNo. 9, July-September 20102382 KB
No. 8, April-June 2010.pdfNo. 8, April-June 20101155 KB