Cycles of the Universal Periodic Review


A review cycle is a four-and-half year period within which all UN Member states’ human rights records are reviewed. The working group convenes three two-weeks sessions per year, or 14 sessions over the course of an entire cycle.

3rd cycle

Calendar of reviews for the 3rd cycle Calendar of reviews for the 4th cycle
UPR 3rd cycle deadlines for States and Stakeholders

Third cycle (2017-2022)

37th UPR Working Group Session

Country Press releases Letters* by the HC to the Foreign Ministers of Member States Webcast of the adoption of the UPR outcome reports
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35th UPR Working Group Session

All sessions of the 3rd cycle

* In line with the mandate of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN General Assembly resolution 48/141, especially operative paragraph 4 a, d, f, g, h, and i). The Annex contains areas which derive from the UPR documentation for the third cycle (National Report; the UN Compilation and Summary of Stakeholders reports); the interactive review in the UPR Working Group, the statements made during the adoption in the Human Rights Council – under item 6 – as well as available voluntary commitments and mid-term reports. HC letters/annexes are available in the working languages of the UN and, only when possible, in other official UN languages.