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GA 76th session
Thematic report: Addressing Attitudinal Barriers experienced by persons with albinism  A/76/166
HRC 46th session

Thematic report: Achievements, Accomplishments, Challenges and the Way Forward: An Overview of Work on the Mandate

Country visit report to Brazil A/HRC/46/32/Add.1
Table of Achievements � Addendum
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GA 75th session
Thematic report: Protection of Persons with Albinism
Addendum: Best Practices for the Protection of Persons with Albinism English
HRC 43rd session
Thematic report: Women and children impacted by albinism A/HRC/43/42
Country Visit Report to the Republic of South Africa A/HRC/43/42/Add.1
GA 74th session
Thematic report: Albinism Worldwide
Corrigendum to the Albinism Worldwide Report (A/74/190/Corr.1) A/74/190/Corr.1
HRC 40th session
Thematic report on access to justice A/HRC/40/62
Country visit report to Fiji A/HRC/40/62/Add.1
Round table on human rights and albinism: seeking consensus and priorities on advocacy and research: Report of the Independent Expert on the enjoyment of human rights by persons with albinism A/HRC/40/62/Add.2
Country visit report to Kenya
Preliminary findings � Mission to Kenya
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GA 73rd session
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the human rights of persons with albinism A/73/181
HRC 37th session
Right of persons with albinism to the highest attainable standard of health A/HRC/37/57
Addendum � Mission to Tanzania A/HRC/37/57/Add.1
Addendum � Expert workshop on witchcraft and human rights A/HRC/37/57/Add.2
Addendum - Regional Action Plan on Albinism in Africa (2017�2021) A/HRC/37/57/Add.3
GA 72nd session
Applicable international human rights standards and related obligations addressing the issues faced by persons with albinism A/72/131
HRC 34th session
Witchcraft and the human rights of persons with albinism A/HRC/34/59
Addendum - Mission to Malawi A/HRC/34/59/Add.1
Addendum - Mission to Mozambique A/HRC/34/59/Add.2
GA 71st session
Preliminary survey on the root causes of attacks and discrimination against persons with albinism A/71/255
HRC 31st session
Vision for the mandate A/HRC/31/63

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Issues in Focus

RAP Report 2017-2021
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Concept Note on the Elimination of Harmful Practices related to Witchcraft Accusations and Ritual Killings
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COVID-19 and Harmful Practices

Regional Action Plan on albinism

Experts Workshop on Witchcraft and Human Rights

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