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Submissions to the Working Group

In preparation for the second annual Forum the Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises invited States, business, civil society and other stakeholders to submit their suggestions on topics and modalities for the Forum. In particular the Working Group asked for suggestions on:

  • Specific topics/panels for the Forum, including names of potential speakers;
  • Specific industry sectors to inquire on how the intersection between pillars one, two and three of the Guiding Principles (the State Duty to Protect, the Corporate Responsibility to Respect and Access to Remedy) play out in such sectors across the globe;
  • Regional dynamics in the implementation of the Guiding Principles, including the interaction between regional bodies and individual States and companies;
  • Examples of Guiding Principles implementation practice by States, business enterprises or other stakeholders on all or certain aspects of the Guiding Principles, for example, transparency measures such as reporting requirements;
  • Specific examples of strategic initiatives that can shape State and business uptake of the Guiding Principles;
  • Modalities that may be conducive to engaging key stakeholders and promoting multi-stakeholder dialogue at the Forum; and
  • How to enhance the geographical balance and participation by key stakeholders from all regions, including business enterprises and affected individuals and communities.

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