2015 survey

The survey focused on the roles and responsibilities of States as economic actors, including with regard to business enterprises owned or controlled by the State, business enterprises in which the State is a majority shareholder or exercises substantial control, and financial institutions such as sovereign wealth or pension funds, development banks, export credit agencies and official investment and insurance guarantee agencies. The survey related to Guiding Principle 4 of the Guiding Principles, which clarifies that as part of their duty to prevent and address adverse human rights impacts arising from business activities, “States should take additional steps to protect against human rights abuses by business enterprises that are owned or controlled by the State, or that receive substantial support and services from State agencies and official investment insurance or guarantee agencies, including, where appropriate, by requiring human rights due diligence.”

The report presented to the Human Rights Council.

Questionnaire sent to States:

The following States sent replies to the survey: