OHCHR Accountability and Remedy Project IV: Enhancing the accessibility, dissemination and implementation of ARP findings


The OHCHR Accountability and Remedy Project (ARP) began in 2014 with the aim of delivering credible and workable recommendations for enhancing accountability and access to remedy in cases of business-related human rights abuse (background on each phase of ARP).

During the first six years of the project, three substantive phases were completed, with each phase resulting in recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of one of the three categories of grievance mechanisms referred to in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs):

Each ARP phase was requested by the Human Rights Council, and each ARP report was presented to, and noted with appreciation by, the Council (see resolutions 26/2232/1038/13 & 44/15).

Following up on the six years of substantive, evidence-based work into how different grievance mechanisms can be made more effective, OHCHR began work on a fourth phase of the project in 2020 to enhance the accessibility, dissemination and implementation of ARP findings (ARP IV).

ARP IV activities include:

  • Converting ARP materials into more user-friendly, non-expert formats that are available in multiple languages;
  • Creating interpretive and/or operational guides;
  • Developing ARP training materials for different types of stakeholders;
  • Partnering with civil society organizations, business organizations, bar associations, academic networks, and others to better implement ARP findings;
  • Promoting ARP work in relevant events and meetings; and
  • Integrating ARP findings into relevant standard-setting initiatives.

ARP IV is an inclusive, collaborative project, and the ARP IV team is constantly looking for new ideas and partnerships for better promoting ARP findings. Please contact OHCHR-business-access2remedy@un.org if you would like to share any ideas or information, become involved in the ARP IV work, or ask any question.


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