Registration information for all participants Forum on Business and Human Rights Geneva, 4-5 December 2012

Who may participate in the Forum on Business and Human Rights?
The Forum is open to participation by relevant stakeholders: United Nations Member States, United Nations mechanisms, bodies and specialized agencies, funds and programmes, intergovernmental organizations, regional organizations and mechanisms in the field of human rights, national human rights institutions and other relevant bodies, transnational corporations and other business enterprises, business associations, labour unions, academics and experts in the field of business and human rights, representatives of indigenous peoples and non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council, and other non-governmental organizations whose aims and purposes are in conformity with the spirit, purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, including affected individuals and groups.

How do I register for the Forum on Business and Human Rights?
If you wish to participate in the Forum, you need to register in advance by completing the following documents and returning them by no later than 1 November 2012 to the Secretariat of the Forum on Business and Human Rights at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (by email: or by fax: +41 22 92 89010).

1. The Conference Registration form (check "Other" or "NGO with ECOSOC Status")

2. A letter requesting accreditation entitling you to represent your organization at the Forum on Business and Human Rights. It must comply with the following requirements:

a) Submitted on the official letterhead of the organization and signed by the Head or the Main Representative of the organization or by relevant superior;

b) Indicate the full contact details of the organization;

c) Clearly state the name of the organization that wishes to attend, e.g. “[Name of organization], [if applicable please indicate after the name of the organization “, in consultative status with ECOSOC,”], wishes to send the following individual(s) to attend the 2012 Forum on Business and Human Rights on 4 and 5 December ...”;

d) Indicate the name(s) (first name and family name) of the person(s) who will represent the organization at the Forum on Business and Human Rights. Names of persons must appear exactly as they appear in identification documents; family name(s) must be in block letters. Organizations not in consultative status with ECOSOC are also kindly requested to indicate the date of birth and nationality of their representatives.

Organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC should ensure that their representatives are in possession of a valid identity badge issued by the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) Security and Safety Section, and that those who plan to attend the Forum on Business and Human Rights are also included in the accreditation request, with an indication that the persons hold an annual badge.

3. Additionally, for non-Governmental organizations which DO NOT have consultative status with ECOSOC and business participants, please fill out the following accreditation questionnaire which must be submitted together with the above mentioned two documents.

The deadline of 1 November does not apply to States and NGOs with ECOSOC status. As of 1 November all other accreditation requests will be declined. All messages sent to will be answered.

Checklist for registering
IMPORTANT! Please make sure that you send us all the following documents in the same email/fax:

  1. Conference Registration Form
  2. Accreditation Letter
  3. Accreditation Questionnaire (if applicable)

Registration information for Government delegations and the United Nations system 
Government delegations and United Nations system entities wishing to participate in the Forum are invited to communicate the names of their representatives on letterhead, signed by the appropriate official of their organization to: (or by fax: +41 22 92 89010). Government representatives and United Nations staff who are not in possession of a ground pass to enter Palais des Nations should also submit the conference registration form (see link above).

How do I know if my registration for the Forum has been processed?
Upon receipt of the above documentation, the Secretariat of the Forum on Business and Human Rights will process your application and confirm your eligibility for participation in the Forum.
NB! When there is a large number of non-Governmental organizations and business representatives seeking to participate, the Secretariat may limit the number of accredited participants per delegation.

How long will it take before I receive confirmation of my participation?
Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date of receipt of the completed documentation for the Secretariat of the Forum on Business and Human Rights to process your registration. You are therefore encouraged to send your registration application as early as possible.

What happens after I receive confirmation of my participation?
Once your participation is confirmed by the Secretariat of the Forum on Business and Human Rights, you are encouraged to start making your travel and accommodation arrangements.

How do I enter the Forum’s venue (Palais des Nations, Geneva)?
All participants without a UNOG identity badge should proceed to the accreditation office at the “Prégny Gate” security entrance (8-14 avenue de la Paix – see map).
Forum participants are strongly advised to be at the Prégny Gate at least an hour in advance of the meeting. Alternatively, you can also collect your badge the day before the Forum to avoid any delays on the first day.

You will need to bring with you:

  • Your passport
  • Your Conference Registration Form
  • Your Accreditation Letter

The Accreditation Officer will then issue a photo-badge granting access to the Palais des Nations. This badge will remain valid for the duration of the Forum, and will permit the badge-holder unrestricted access to the conference rooms.

Please note
Failure to send us all required documentation on time will result in undue delay and might prevent you from attending the whole Forum.

Practical information
For more practical information about the Forum, including the meeting, visas and accommodation please refer to the following document: Practical information note for participants.

Please note that due to a number of requests, some side events linked to the Forum on Business and Human Rights may be held on 3 December. Participants who are registered for the Forum, will also be accredited for 3 December in addition to 4 and 5 December.