2012/13 survey

The State survey was developed and disseminated in cooperation with Denver University and the University of Minnesota. A questionnaire was sent to all Member States in October 2012 and was supplemented by in-depth interviews with a limited group of States across regions. The initial deadline for replies of 10 November 2012 was extended to 30 January 2013 at the request of a number of Governments.

Questionnaire sent to States:

Preliminary results were presented at the first Forum on Business and Human Rights on 4 December 2012. Statement by Alexandra Guáqueta, Member of the UN Working Group - Session on global trends in Implementation of the Guiding Principles, 4 December 2012.

The final results of the first survey were presented in a report (A/HRC/23/32/Add.2) to the Human Rights Council in June 2013

While replies by States were treated anonymously, some States have made their replies public: