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Complaints addressed by the mandate

All the communications the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights has addressed since the establishment of the mandate in 2009 have been made public in the joint communications reports of special procedures mandate holders, issued three time a year for the sessions of the Human Rights Council. These communications reports, including the original letters sent by the Special Rapporteur and the response received by concerned States, can be accessed through the joint communication reports page, or the communication database.

In the table below, you will find the most recent communications of the mandate. A document listing all the communications ever addressed by the mandate can be found here. The lists are organized in alphabetical order by country. Allegation letters are identified with (AL), urgent appeal with (UA). Most communications are addressed jointly with other Special procedure mandates, and are therefore joint communications, identified with as JAL or JUA. Past communications can also be searched chroNOlogically through this page.

Latest communications:

Country Date Type of comm and ref. Summary of the allegations transmitted  (original language) Reply from State



ARM 1/2018

Information received concerning the Law on Prevention of Violence within the Family, Protection of Victims of Violence within the Family and Restoration of Peace in the Family, adopted by the National Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia on 8 December 2017

YES 31/05/2018



BRA 2/2018

Information received concerning the alleged use of excessive force during the forced eviction of one family and the imminent threat of forced eviction of more residents of the Horto Florestal in the Botanical Gardens neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. People have resided in the neighborhood for over 200 years, where they have created, developed and protected their cultural heritage




EGY 7/2018

Information received concerning the alleged detention, torture and short-term enforced disappearance of poet Galal el Behairy and the issuance of an arrest warrant against musician Ramy Essam, in connection with their song and video “Balaha” that has been recently released on social media




HUN 6/2018

Information received concerning a governmental directive forbidding the teaching of the subject of gender studies at institutions of higher education




MRT 1/2018

Informations reçues la révision de l’article 306 du Code pénal mauritanien. Le projet de loi portant révision du Code pénal a été validé par le Gouvernement le 17 novembre 2017, lors du Conseil des ministres. Le 27 avril 2018, le projet de loi a ensuite été adopté par consensus par l’Assemblée Nationale




OTH 14/2018

Information received concerning the alleged planned expulsion and demolition of the Seven Sisters Indoor Market, in the London Borough of Haringey, for a regeneration initiative which would reportedly have threatened the livelihood and cultural life of the residents and shop owners mainly of minority origins

YES 14/06/2018

Sri Lanka


LKA 1/2018

Information received in connection with the attacks perpetrated against Muslims by Sinhalese groups between 5 and 8 March 2018 in several locations in Kandy district and the destruction of Muslim owned businesses and houses as well as Muslim places of worship.




SDN 3/2018

Information received concerning the decision to impose the death penalty upon juvenile Ms Noura Hussein Hammad for the killing of a man she was forced to marry after he had raped her and was about to rape her again

YES 18/05/2018 12/06/2018