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Report on the conceptual framework of cultural rights

22 March 2010
Independent Expert in the field of cultural rights
To the Human Rights Council at its 14th session


In this first report to the Human Rights Council, the independent expert in the field of cultural rights develops preliminary views on the conceptual and legal framework of her mandate.

She expresses her initial thoughts on the interaction among the principle of universality of human rights, the recognition and implementation of cultural rights and the need to respect cultural diversity.

The independent expert commits to coordinating with other United Nations mechanisms that relate to cultural rights. She proposes to address the following topics:

(a) cultural rights, globalization of exchanges and of information, and development processes; and

(b) participation, access and contribution to cultural life, without any discrimination.


In order to support the Independent Expert in the preparation of this first mapping report, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), in partnership with the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) and UNESCO, and in collaboration with the Observatory of diversity and cultural rights (Fribourg, Switzerland), organized a seminar and expert meeting on the parameters of, issues arising from, and challenges posed by cultural rights.

Read more about the programme and list of expert.

Consult the documentation prepared for the seminar.

Learn more about the nature of cultural rights, issues at stake and challenges.

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