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Cultural rights and public spaces

In her fourth report to the General Assembly (A/74/255), the Special Rapporteur addresses the importance of public spaces for the exercise of cultural rights and the challenges that must be addressed so that everyone can access and enjoy such spaces.

Acknowledging the fact that issues pertaining to public spaces have been raised by a variety of stakeholders and from different perspectives, the Special Rapporteur notes that much of this work is sector specific and not holistic or human rights based. Accordingly, the report reviews existing frameworks, provides an overview from a cultural rights perspective of key questions and proposes a more holistic human rights-based approach for policymaking. Issues considered include: 1) the challenges faced by various groups of person in accessing and enjoying public spaces, 2) security concerns, 3) possibilities to exercise cultural practices and organise events in public spaces, 4) the impact of design and urban planning on making public spaces welcoming to diversity, 5) the rights to access natural spaces and 6) cyberspace as public spaces.

The Special Rapporteur affirms the responsibility of public authorities to create, protect, secure, develop and maintain open and inclusive public spaces for the exercise of all human rights and cultural rights in particular.

Call for submission to the 2019 GA report on "Cultural rights and public space" and responses received

The Special Rapporteur thanks all those who have submitted information in response to the call for submission.

Interview with the Special Rapporteur (in French) explaining the focus of her report and short video.

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