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Documentation submitted for the 2010 seminar and expert consultation

Consult the page about the seminar held on 1-2 February 2010 here

Learn more about the nature, issues at stake and challenges to cultural rights

Introductory statements (in original language)

Mr. Bacre Ndiaye, Director, Human Rights Council and Special Procedures Division, OHCHR Français
Mr. Hugo Sada, Delegate for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace, International Organization de la Francophonie Français

Experts’ written contributions (in original language)

Définir les droits culturels, Document de travail, Patrice Meyer-Bisch Français
The complexities in practical terms: cultural practices contrary to human rights, possible limitations to cultural rights, and tensions around who defines culture and rights”, Working document, Kenneth Deer English
Droits culturels et pauvreté. Document de travail.Geneviève Defraigne Tardieu Français
Derechos culturales: La práctica des Comité de derechos económicos, sociales y culturales. Documento de trabajo. Jaime Marchan Romero Español
Cultural rights and development process: which questions, which issues at state? Working document. Josefa Salita Francisco English
Cultural rights and globalization of exchanges and of information, Working document, Anita Gurumurthy English
Les diverses formes de violence et d’exclusion dans la jouissance des droits culturels, Document de travail, Angela Melo Français
Diverse Cultural Identities: the Challenges of Integrating Cultural Rights in Policies and Practices, Working document, Dimitrina Petrova English