How should a case be brought before the Working Group?

- For an individual case or cases, the communication should be sent, if possible accompanied by the model questionnaire prepared for this purpose, to:

Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
c/o Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
8-14, avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
facsimile: +41 22 9179006

- Communications requesting the Working Group to launch an urgent appeal on humanitarian grounds (see Urgent appeals, Revised Fact Sheet No 26) should be sent to the above address, preferably by e-mail or facsimile.

How to obtain the following documents:

  1. Model questionnaire to facilitate placing cases before the Working Group;
    E - F - R - S
  2. Copy of a decision on an individual case;

Write to the Working Group at the above address.

3. Annual reports of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention are either available on the internet (see annual reports) or write to:

Documents Distribution Service
Counter, Door 40
Palais des Nations
8-14, avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva 10