Call for input – Visit to Bolivia (6-15 May 2019)

The United Nations Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights, Juan Pablo Bohoslavsy, will conduct a country visit to the Plurinational State of Bolivia from 6 to 15 May 2019 at the invitation of the Government.

The Independent Expert’s visit will focus on issues including, but not limited to, the impact of public debt and economic reform policies on the realization of human rights. During his 10-day visit, he will meet with government authorities, members of the legislature and judiciary, state institutions, international organizations, civil society organizations, academics and other stakeholders. At the conclusion of the visit, the Independent Expert will present his preliminary findings at a press conference and subsequently submit a final report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in March 2020.

Call for input

The Independent Expert invites all interested individuals and organizations to provide input for the preparation of his visit to Bolivia. While all submissions are welcome, the Independent Expert is specifically interested in receiving input and comments on the following topics:

  • Achievements and remaining challenges in the implementation of Patriotic Agenda 2025 and the National Economic and Social Development Plan (PDES) 2016-2020, particularly from human rights perspectives.
  • The impact and effectiveness of fiscal and tax policies in achieving social protection; any risk factors or policy gaps in achieving social protection; and potential measures that could be undertaken to further reduce poverty and inequality. 
  • Efficacy of the legal and institutional frameworks to raise tax revenues and to determine public spending, giving adequate consideration to human rights and gender equality.  
  • Consistency of debt, tax and monetary strategies from a human rights perspective.
  • Good practices in the field of economic, financial and budgetary policies from a human rights perspective.
  • The role and influence of international financial institutions, multilateral development banks, bilateral donors, and multinational or domestic corporations in the design and implementation of economic and fiscal policies; and the implications of such role and influence on the realization of human rights, particularly economic and social rights.  
  • The nature and extent of illicit financial flows, such as money laundering, tax evasion and corruption, among other practices; the impact of illicit financial flows on the Government’s ability to safeguard fiscal resources necessary to realize human rights; and effectiveness of the Government’s efforts to address illicit financial flows.   
  • Regions, provinces, districts, or cities in Bolivia that the Independent Expert should visit for the purpose of examining specific cases;
  • Governmental authorities, public institutions, civil society organizations, academics and experts that the Independent Expert should meet with during his visit.

Respondents are requested to limit their comments to a maximum of 1,500 words. Additional supporting materials, such as reports, academic studies, and other types of background materials may be annexed to the submission.

Submissions can be sent to by 8 April 2019.  By default, all submissions will be treated as confidential and the input received will not be attributed to specific individuals or organizations.

However, if you would like your submission to be published on the Independent Expert’s webpage, please explicitly indicate consent to publication in the submission.

If you would like to send your input via encrypted email, please send a message to, requesting an encrypted communication.  If you have any concerns about digital security, you may wish to contact an organization working on these issues. The organization Access Now has a free digital security helpline to help keep individuals and organizations safe online. Inquiries can be sent to

Media inquiries

Media inquiries, including requests to join the Independent Expert’s press list, may be directed to Junko Tadaki ( or Frédérique Bourque (

A media advisory about the visit will be issued in April, including details of the press conference at the end of the visit on 15 May 2019. 

Please note that before and during the visit, the Independent Expert’s engagement with media will be limited to commenting on the scope of the visit, areas the Independent Expert will be visiting, and other logistical aspects.

The Independent Expert will be in a position to comment on his substantive findings and conclusions, only at the press conference and thereafter.

For regular updates on the visit and other work of the Independent Expert, follow the Independent Expert’s Twitter: @IEfinanceHRs