“We, heads of State and Government, … are committed to making the right to development a reality for everyone and to freeing the entire human race from want.”
UN Millennium Declaration

Right to Development

Development is a Human Right

Panel Event, Declaration on the Right to Development at 30
Development Frontlines: of rights, justice and fairness 19 October, 13:15-14:30 - United Nations HQ, New York, Room CR.E


Thirty years ago the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Right to Development. This anniversary panel will explore the ramifications of this Declaration in the context of exigent, contemporary development challenges that continue to pose obstacles and threats to delivering on the promise of this Declaration. The panel will explore a myriad of issues ranging from current debates on trade and investment to those surrounding tax and climate justice. By providing a snapshot of what these challenges are and how solutions are being fashioned in response, we hope to invigorate a discussion on how the implementation of this Declaration can be reimagined for this increasingly globalized world.


  • To examine and analyse contemporary development challenges
  • To discuss how innovative development solutions are being forged at varying levels and scales
  • To address legitimacy and accountability deficits in global governance and in the economic realm


The panel featured a moderator and three speakers on the topics of the Declaration on the Right to Development at 30, climate justice and tax justice and the “Panama Papers” investigation.

The concept note of the panel discussion is available here.


Moderator: Ayush Bat-Erdene, Chief, Right to Development Section, OHCHR


  • Amb. Zamir Akram, Right to development and the 2030 development agenda, Chair, Working Group on the Right to Development and former Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations Office in Geneva
  • Ms. Liane Schalatek- Climate Justice and development, Associate Director, Heinrich Boell Stiftung, Washington D.C - coordinates the foundation's work on climate finance
  • Ms. Giannina Segnini - Tax Justice and the ICIJs Panama Papers Project, Director, Master of Science Data Concentration Program, Journalism School, Columbia University, New York


Representatives of Member States, UN agencies, academia and civil society and other relevant stakeholders, were invited to the workshop.


Liane Schalatek - Mutually Reinforcing: Climate Justice, Equitable Climate Finance and the Right to Development