South-South cooperation: report

July 2018
Issued by:
The Special Rapporteur on the right to development
To the GA at its 73rd session, September 2018


The Special Rapporteur on the right to development, Mr. Saad Alfarargi, wrote a report examining South-South co-operation and the human right to development, pursuant to Council resolution 33/14. The report was presented to the GA at its 73rd session in September 2018.


In this thematic report, the Special Rapporteur explores the link between South-South cooperation, sustainable development and the right to development. After elaborating on the concept of South-South cooperation as well as the relevant legal and policy framework, the Special Rapporteur examines some of its key challenges from the perspective of the right to development.

The report highlights that South-South cooperation policies, programmes and initiatives should integrate a right to development perspective in order to overcome these challenges. To this end, the Special Rapporteur recommends that States and other relevant stakeholders incorporate the human rights principles enshrined in the right to development into the design, financing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of South-South cooperation processes. He outlines the benefits of such an approach, noting that it enhances the potential of South-South cooperation to contribute to the promotion, protection and fulfilment of the right to development as well as other human rights.

To illustrate such contributions, the Special Rapporteur highlights some concrete examples of good practices in advancing inclusive sustainable development and human rights through South-South cooperation. The report concludes with some key recommendations aimed at leveraging the full potential of South-South cooperation.