Country visits

Country visits are an important component of the Special Rapporteur's mandate. The aim of such visits is to obtain first-hand information on the rights of persons with disabilities, to report on the findings and to propose, in a spirit of cooperation and assistance, recommendations to improve situations identified as matters of concern.

To access the reports in the available official languages, please copy the relevant document code, click on "Categorized Search", and paste it in the "Symbol Number" Field or alternatively search under "Documents".

Symbol number
2019Mission to Canada (1-11 April 2019).
Mission to Norway (2-11 October 2019) .
2018Mission to Kuwait (26 November to 5 December 2018) Report forthcoming
2017Mission to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (3-8 May 2017)
A/HRC/37/56/Add.1 and (easy-to-read)
Mission to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (3-8 May 2017): comments by the State A/HRC/37/56/Add.3
Mission to Kazakhstan (4-12 September 2017) A/HRC/37/56/Add.2 and (easy-to-read in Russian)
Mission to Kazakhstan (4-12 September 2017): comments by the State
Mission to France (3-13 October 2017) A/HRC/40/54/Add.1 and (easy-to-read)
Mission to France (3-13 October 2017): comments by the State
2016Mission to Zambia (18-28 April 2016) A/HRC/34/58/Add.2 and easy-to-read
2015Mission to the Republic of Moldova (10–17 September 2015) A/HRC/31/62/Add.2 and easy-to-read
Mission to Paraguay (19-27 November 2015) A/HRC/34/58/Add.1 and easy-to-read