Call for input: report on disability-inclusive international cooperation

Deadline: 15 April 2020
Issued by: Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities
Purpose: To inform the SR's report to be presented to the 75th session of the General Assembly


Twice a year, the Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities issues calls for inputs to inform her thematic studies to be presented at the Human Rights Council in its March session and at the General Assembly in October.

Objectives of the report

This thematic study on disability-inclusive international cooperation aims to assess the extent to which international cooperation, including official development aid, is inclusive of and accessible to persons with disabilities, and to provide guidance to States and international cooperation actors on how to become more disability-inclusive, in line with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Key questions and types of input sought


  1. Please describe how your country’s international cooperation efforts, including international development aid, are inclusive of and accessible to persons with disabilities; and how is funding tracked and reported.
  2. Please describe how South-South and triangular cooperation support your country’s efforts to implement the rights of persons with disabilities, including by facilitating the exchange of innovative knowledge, skills and successful initiatives.
  3. Please describe how your country coordinates, prioritizes and manages aid received from international cooperation in order to ensure that national development programmes are inclusive of and accessible to persons with disabilities.
  4. Please explain whether the Sustainable Development Goals resulted in increased international development aid benefitting persons with disabilities in your country and how.
  5. Please describe to what extent and how are persons with disabilities and their organizations involved and consulted in decisions related to international cooperation in your country, and how they can access international cooperation funds and grants (including legal requirements, procedures and challenges).
  6. Please provide any information and statistical data available on disability-inclusive international cooperation in your country, including information related to the challenges and limitations of the international aid system to promote the rights of persons with disabilities.

Access the questionnaires in French and Spanish

How and where to submit inputs

Inputs may be sent via e-mail in accessible format (Word document). All submissions must be received by 15 April 2020 6pm CEST. When submitting your reply, kindly indicate if you have any objections with regard to your reply being posted on this website.

E-mail address:
E-mail subject line: Input for SR Disability Report on disability-inclusive international cooperation
Word limit: 2000 words
Accepted languages: English, French, Spanish

How inputs will be used

All submissions received in accessible Word format will be published on this webpage, unless the submitter clearly indicated that they did not wish to have their input be made publicly available when submitting their response.
Submissions received in PDF format will not be published, but will be made available upon request.