Call for submissions – Country visit to Canada, from 2 to 11 April 2019

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Ms. Catalina Devandas Aguilar, will undertake an official country visit to Canada from 2 to 11 April 2019 at the invitation of the government.

The Special Rapporteur is an independent expert appointed by the UN Human Rights Council. She regularly undertakes country visits to:

  1. gather, in the spirit of cooperation and dialogue, first-hand information on the levels of respect, protection, fulfilment and enjoyment of the full range of human rights by persons with disabilities; and
  2. make recommendations to States on how to ensure that the international human rights and standards set by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities  are fully implemented.

It is within this context that the Special Rapporteur wishes to secure views from persons with disabilities, organisations of persons with disabilities, and civil society organizations on questions such as: discrimination and reasonable accommodation; access to healthcare, education, employment, social protection or justice; forced treatment (e.g. psychiatric care, sterilization), institutionalisation; available support for independent living in the community; legal capacity.

Please feel free to address one or more issues by providing a brief description of your experience in these areas. The Special Rapporteur is also seeking to collect substantive information on existing good practices on legislative models, policies and jurisprudence on advancing the rights of persons with disabilities in Canada.

All submissions should be sent electronically by 15 March 2019 to using the title: “Submission for the official country visit to Canada”.

Information received will be treated as confidential and the issues raised will not be attributed to specific individuals or organizations.

The Special Rapporteur greatly appreciates the effort that goes into making such contributions and looks forward to reading the submissions.