1. Convention concerning Paid Educational Leave (1974)
(Adopted by the General Conference of the International Labour Organization, Convention No. 140, 24 June 1974)


Article 2

Each member shall formulate and apply a policy designed to promote, by methods appropriate to national conditions and practice and by stages as necessary, the granting of paid educational leave for the purpose of –

(a) training at any level;

(b) general, social and civic education;

(c) trade union education.

Article 3

That policy shall be designed to contribute, on differing terms as necessary –

(a) to the acquisition, improvement and adaption of occupational and functional skills, and the promotion of employment and job security in conditions of scientific and technological development and economic and structural change;

(b) to the competent and active participation of workers and their representatives in the life of the undertaking and of the community;

(c) to the human, social and cultural advancement of workers; and

(d) generally, to the promotion of appropriate continuing education and training, helping workers to adjust to contemporary requirements.