2. Resolution of the Council and the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, Meeting Within the Council on the Fight against Racism and Xenophobia (1990)
(Adopted by the Council of the European Communities and the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, 90/C 157/01, 29 May 1990)



4.  CONSIDER that an effective preventive information and education policy is of considerable importance in the fight against racism and xenophobia, and, in this context:

(a) in the field of information:

(i) note that the Commission, in compliance with Article 4 of the EEC Treaty:

— will make a comparative assessment of the legal instruments implemented in the various Member States to combat all forms of discrimination, racism and xenophobia and incitement to hatred and racial violence,
— will contribute to improved dissemination of information on these legal instruments,
— will promote demoscopic studies on the perception of democratic values and on the states of relations between the various communities living in Europe;

(ii)  invite the Member States to:

— draw attention to the role that the media can play in eliminating racial prejudice and promoting harmonious relations between the various communities living in Europe; encourage reflection on information when faced with instances of violence, particularly of a racial nature;

(b) in the field of education and young people:

(i)  expect that the action taken to:

— promote a European dimension in education tailored to the specific situation of each Member State, such as will develop civic-mindedness and the values of pluralism and tolerance,
— promote exchange programmes for young people as a means of encouraging tolerance and understanding,
— develop and extend current community cooperation aimed at improving the education of migrant workers’ children,

will make a significant contribution to, inter alia, reducing xenophobia and promoting and encouraging tolerance and mutual understanding;

(ii) recall the action taken already in this context, namely the:

— resolution of the Council and the Ministers of Education, meeting within the Council, of 24 May 1988 on the European dimension in education [1],
— Council decision 88/348/EEC of 16 June 1988 adopting an action programme for the promotion of youth exchanges in the Community ---‘Youth for Europe’ programme [2],
— Council Directive 77/486/EEC of 25 July 1977 on the education of the children of migrant workers [3],
— actions to promote modern language teaching, actions for the schooling of the children of migrant workers and Community measures for the benefit of their languages and cultures of origin;

(iii) invite the Member States to:

—  encourage the civic and vocational training of teachers, particularly in areas with a large immigrant population, in order to introduce them to the characteristics of the various origins and cultures of their pupils and students,



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