1. Committee of Ministers Resolution (78) 41 on the Teaching of Human Rights (1978)
(Adopted by the Committee of Ministers, 25 October 1978)

The Committee of Ministers,

Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is the achievement of greater unity among its Members, and that one of the most important methods by which that aim is to be pursued is the maintenance and further realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms;

Considering moreover that the teaching of human rights is a valuable, and indeed necessary, means of ensuring that human rights are protected as effectively as possible;

Considering that within the Council of Europe, proposals are under study with the aim of promoting education and information in the field of human rights;

Taking the view that all individuals should, as early as possible, be aware of human rights and the ensuing responsibilities, and that consequently it is necessary to promote the teaching of those human rights and fundamental freedoms that characterize any truly democratic society,

Recommends that the governments of member states:

a. take whatever measures are appropriate in the context of their educational systems to ensure that the teaching of human rights and fundamental freedoms is given an appropriate place in the curricula of teaching and training, initial and in-service, at all levels;

b. invite appropriate university or other authorities to encourage the study of the international and national protection of human rights within the framework of the optional or compulsory curricula of different disciplines at university level;

c. promote the teaching of the safeguard of human rights and the relevant protection machinery in an appropriate manner as part of training for members of the civil and military services.