Fourth phase (2020-2024) of the World Programme for Human Rights Education – Resources on human rights education for youth

General resources

  • Compass : manual on human rights education with young people Strasbourg, France: Council of Europe, 2015, [Arabic] [Bulgarian] [English] [Estonian] [French] [Russian] [Spanish] [Ukrainian]
  • Global Citizenship Education: Topics and Learning Objectives UNESCO, 2015, [Arabic] [Dansk] [English] [French] [Italian] [Portuguese] [Russian] [Spanish]
  • Ados ensemble : coffret pédagogique pour promouvoir la participation des jeunes et les inciter à agir contre la discrimination et pour l'intégration New York: UNICEF, 2004, [French]
  • I am here : teaching about refugees, identity, inclusion and the media : a citizenship/personal, social and health education resource pack for teachers, youth workers and others working with 11 to 14-years-olds London: Save the Children, 2004, [English]
  • What? me? a racist? Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1998, [English] [French] [Italian] [Portuguese]
  • Domino : a manual to use peer group education as a means to fight racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and intolerance Strasbourg, France: Council of Europe, 1996, [English] [French]

Formal settings

  • Living in diversity : lesson plans for secondary levels students Strasbourg, France: Council of Europe Publ., 2010, [English]
  • What about Doug's rights? Sydney, Australia: Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, s.d, 2010, [English]
  • Promoting racial integration through co-curricular activities : EIU experiental learning programme 2006 Seoul: APCEIU, 2006, [English]
  • Lifting the spirit : human rights and freedom of religion or belief : topic book 5 Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota. Human Rights Resource Center, 2004, [English]
  • Human rights education : discrimination (caste, religions, race, language, gender, place of birth) : students module. Part III Madurai, India: Institute of Human Rights Education, 2004, [English] [Kanada] [Malayalam] [Oriya] [Tamil]
  • September 11th crisis response guide : human rights education program for junior high and high schools / compiled and written by Nick Sullivan New York: Amnesty International USA, 2001, [English]
  • Beyond heroes and holidays : a practical guide to K-12 anti-racist, multicultural education and staff development / edited by Enid Lee Washington: Network of Educators on the Americas, 1998, [English]
  • All human beings...: a manual for human rights education, UNESCO 1998, [Albanian] [Arabic] [English] [French] [Portuguese]
  • Free to speak : a manual for teaching about human rights in the English language classroom / edited by Melissa Myers Kraków: Human Rights Centre, 1998, [English]
  • Young people facing difference : some proposals for teachers / Michael Byram Strasbourg, France: Council of Europe, 1995, [English] [French]
  • The prejudice book : activities for the classroom / David A. Shiman New York: Anti-Defamation League, 1994, [English]
  • Tolerance for diversity of beliefs : a secondary curriculum unit / Patricia Avery, Dorothy Hoffman Boulder, CO: Social Science Education Consortium, 1993, [English]
  • We : lessons on equal worth and dignity, the United Nations, and human rights : upper elementary and middle school / by RoAnne Elliott Minneapolis, MN: UN Association of Minnesota, 1992, [English]

Non-formal settings

  • Human rights education in action : practices of human rights education with and by young people / edited by Nik Paddison Council of Europe, 2017, [English]
  • Bookmarks / a manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education / written and edited by Ellie Keen, Mara Georgescu ; final e[...] Strasbourg, France: Council of Europe Publ., 2014, [English] [French]
  • Companion : a campaign guide about education and learning for change in diversity, human rights and participation / edited and co-written by Ellie Keen Strasbourg, France: Council of Europe Publ., 2007, [English]
  • Le racisme expliqué à ma fille / Tahar Ben Jelloun Paris: Editions du Seuil, 1999, [French]
  • All different, all equal : education pack : ideas resources methods and activities for informal intercultural education with young people and adults Strasbourg, France: Council of Europe, 1995, [English] [French]

Studies and articles

  • Ahmed, A. K. (2017). Disrupting power/entrenching sovereignty: The paradox of human rights education. In : PROSPECTS, 47(1-2), [English]
  • Ahmed, A. K. (2018). Bridging the 'values gap': Human rights education, ideology, and the global-local nexus. In : Critical human rights, citizenship and democracy education, [English]
  • Bajaj, M. (2012). Schooling for Social Change: The Rise and Impact of Human Rights Education in India. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, [English]
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  • Hantzopoulos, M. (2016). Restoring dignity in public schools: Human rights education in action. New York, NY: Teachers College Press, [English]
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  • Osler, A. (2016). Human rights and schooling: An ethical framework for teaching for social justice. Teachers College Press, [English]
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  • Zembylas, M., (2018). Toward a Decolonizing Approach in Human Rights Education: Pedagogical Openings and Curricular Possibilities. In : Critical Human Rights, Citizenship, and Democracy Education: Entanglements and Regenerations, [English]

UN Documents and Reports

Regional Documents


A compilation of provisions of international and regional instruments dealing with human rights education is available here.

More resources are also available at the OHCHR Library catalogue.