Third phase (2015-2019) of the World Programme for Human Rights Education

Resources on human rights education and training of media professionals and journalists

List HREA’s free online course “Reporting Conflicts: International Humanitarian Law for Media Professionals”. The course is available in English, French, and Spanish, and will soon be available in Arabic.

Bickler, C. Reporting for change: a handbook for local journalists in crisis areas. London: Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 2004.
[English ]

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[English ]

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[English | Arabic | Chinese | French  | Russian]

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[English | French]

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[English | French]

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[English] | [French] | [Spanish]

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[English | French | Spanish]

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[English | French | [Spanish]

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UNESCO. Model Curricula for Journalism Education: UNESCO series on journalism education. UNESCO, 2007.
[English | Spanish | Chinese]

UNESCO. Recommendation Concerning the Promotion and Use of Multilingualism and Universal Access to Cyberspace (2003).
[English] | [French] | [Spanish] | [Russian] | [Arabic] | [Chinese]

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OHCHR Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression
[English] |[French]

UNESCO sponsored events on media/journalism including trainings

Hirondelle USA

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

International Center for Journalists

International Federation of Journalists

International Freedom of Expression Exchange

International Journalists' Network

International News Safety Institute

Killing the messenger: the deadly cost of news

PEN International

Reporters Sans Frontiers

Reporting in Indigenous Communities

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