Air Pollution and Human Rights

There is now global agreement that human rights norms apply to environmental issues.

The previous Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, Mr. John Knox, developed Framework Principles on Human Rights and the Environment that set forth three sets of duties that engage both States and businesses: procedural obligations; substantive obligations; and obligations relating to those in vulnerable situations.

The newly-appointed Special Rapporteur, Mr. David Boyd, will prepare a thematic report focusing on human rights obligations in the context of air pollution (both outdoor and indoor).

For that purpose, he is seeking inputs from stakeholders on the topic through responses to the brief questionnaire: English | French | Spanish

Your replies will inform the Special Rapporteur’s analysis and feed into his observations, which will be reported to the Human Rights Council in March 2019.

See a short video - clean air is a human right

Preparation of the report

To prepare his next thematic report on air pollution and human rights, the Special Rapporteur organized a public consultation with States, international organizations and other relevant stakeholders in Geneva on 29 October 2018. He also held a consultation with civil society representatives on 31 October 2018. These consultations complemented the call for inputs on air pollution and human rights circulated to all member States on 27 September 2018, as well as to civil society organizations, private actors, and academics (English | French | Spanish) which elicited 30 responses. Following see the submission to the questionnaires received.


National Human Rights Institutions

International Organizations

Civil society and other stakeholders