Special Procedures
Special Rapporteur on toxics and human rights
Recent Thematic Reports

Duty to prevent exposure to the COVID-19 virus (A/HRC/45/12) (2020)

25th anniversary of the mandate (A/75/290) (2020)

Duty to prevent exposure to toxics (A/74/480) (2019)

Principals to protect workers (A/HRC/42/41) (2019)

Workers' rights toxic exposures (A/HRC/39/48) (2018)

First Report to GA (A/73/567) (2018)

Guidelines for good practices (A/HRC/36/41) (2017)

Rights of the child (A/HRC/33/41) (2016)

Right to information (A/HRC/30/40) (2015)

Issues in Focus
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Dr. Marcos A. Orellana, Special Rapporteur on Toxics and Human Rights

Avenue Giuseppe Motta 48,
CH-1202 Geneva
Fax : +41 22 917 90 06
E-mail: srtoxicshr@ohchr.org

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