International standards - I3i


i) Communicate with individuals and communities on religious matters at the national and international level

1981 Declaration of the General Assembly

Art. 6 ( i ) : The right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief includes the freedom, "To establish and maintain communications with individuals and communities in matters of religion and belief at the national and international levels."

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Excerpts of relevant paragraphs of 25 years mandate reporting practice (1986-2011)

E/CN.4/1988/45, para. 48:

"48. Lastly, the freedom to have communications in matters of religion and belief at the national and international levels also seems to be jeopardized in some cases, one illustration being the Czech priest whose contacts with members of religious orders and Polish Catholics formed the subject of charges against him by the authorities. "

E/CN.4/1996/95/Add.1, paras. 23-24, 45 and 85 (country visit to Pakistan)

"23. All passports include a reference to the religion of the holder. According to the authorities, this formality is due in part to the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia giving rise to a need to identify applications by unauthorized Ahmadis, who are considered non-Muslims.

24. The passport application form also asks holders to identify their religion, while Muslims must state that they do not recognize Ahmadis or Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as Muslim. [...]

45. [...] Christians are also reported to be faced with administrative difficulties (such as visa formalities) on the occasion of the visits of Christian clergy and personalities from abroad. [...]

85. The Special Rapporteur also considers that no mention of religion should be included on passports, on identity card application forms or on any other administrative documents. Deletion of the statement required of Muslims regarding non-recognition of Ahmadis as Muslims in passport application forms is strongly recommended."

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