Homelessness and the right to housing


For her next report to the Human Rights Council, 31st session, the Special Rapporteur on the right to housing, Leilani Farha, intends to focus on the intimate link between homelessness and the enjoyment of the right to adequate housing, as well as virtually all other human rights, including the right to life and non-discrimination.

Homelessness has emerged as a global human rights crisis even in States where there are adequate resources to address it. It has, however, been largely insulated from human rights accountability and rarely addressed as a human rights violation requiring positive measures to eliminate and to prevent its recurrence. While strategies to address homelessness have become more prevalent in recent years, most have failed to address homelessness as a human rights violation and few have provided for effective monitoring, enforcement or remedies.

The report will explore how homelessness is understood and manifests in diverse social, cultural, economic and even linguistic contexts. It will consider homelessness both as serious deprivation of access to housing and as an extreme form of social exclusion, discrimination and loss of dignity. It will seek to identify and understand less visible experiences of homelessness, particularly among women.

The report of the Special Rapporteur will be presented to the Human Rights Council in March 2016, and will be available in all UN languages.

See final report A/HRC/31/54 - 30 December 2015 - in all UN languages

Questionnaires for governments and other relevant actors

The Special Rapporteur invites Governments and other relevant actors, such as National Human Rights Institutions, civil society organisations, networks, UN agencies and entities, and others with relevant information to share contributions and inputs for her report.

All responses to the Questionnaires will be posted in this webpage, except if indicated otherwise.

Due to limited capacity for translation, we kindly request that you submit your answers, if possible, in English, Spanish or French and, no later than 13 November, 2015.

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