World Conference on Indigenous Peoples

In September 2012, the General Assembly adopted resolution 66/296, expanding the mandate of the Fund to include support for indigenous peoples to participate in the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples which took place in New York on 22-23 September, 2014, as well as in the preparatory process for the conference.

The Fund played a crucial role in supporting the participation of 105 Indigenous peoples’ representatives in the World Conference and its preparatory process.

Follow-up to the Outcome Document of the World Conference

The follow-up to the Outcome Document is of particular importance for the Fund as some areas have an immediate impact on the work of the Fund.

In 2016, for example, the Fund will be supporting two extra-ordinary meetings that were called for in the Outcome Document from the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. These meetings are:

  • the Expert Workshop to Review the Mandate of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (to be held on 4 and 5 April 2016), and
  • the General Assembly Consultation Process Aiming to Enhance the Participation of Indigenous Peoples’ Representatives in UN Meetings on Issues Affecting Them.

Indigenous peoples’ representation at these two meetings is crucial to ensure indigenous peoples are included in the discussions and decision-making processes that will, ultimately, affect them.

More information on how to apply to receive funding to attend these meetings can be found here.

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