Promotion of good practices

The Human Rights Council has directed the Special Rapporteur to “identify…and promote best practices.” In this regard the Special Rapporteur has focused on working to advance legal, administrative, and programmatic reforms at the domestic level to implement the standards of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other relevant international instruments. Reform of this kind is a major undertaking, as it is full of all kinds of complexities and requires a strong commitment, both financial and political, on the part of Governments.

In working towards the promotion of good practices, the Special Rapporteur engages in the following types of activities:

  • Providing assistance and encouragement for constitutional and legislative reform initiatives to harmonize such initiatives with relevant international standards
  • Monitoring the implementation of recommendations made by the Special Rapporteur and other mechanisms, including through follow-up country visits
  • Encouraging steps toward improving relations between indigenous peoples, States, and other stakeholders through agreements and other constructive arrangements
  • Participating in seminars and conferences that address indigenous peoples’ human rights, attended by Governments, non-governmental organizations, indigenous peoples and their leaders, and other interested parties
  • Promoting behavior by business enterprises that is respectful of indigenous rights

Information on these activities and the contributions the Special Rapporteur endeavors to make to developing good practices can be found in Special reports, as well as in parts of the Annual reports and Communications reports.