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Questionnaire: Lawyers at risk

This questionnaire aims to elicit information on threats to lawyers’ security and independence and professional associations of lawyers. The questionnaire is framed on the United Nations Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers1 (endorsed by General Assembly Resolutions 45/121 and 45/166) which set out the key functions of and safeguards for an independent legal profession.

The information you provide will be used to inform the next thematic report of the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers and to support the work of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute in its mandate to protect and promote the independence of the judiciary and of the legal profession worldwide.

The Special Rapporteur’s report will build on the 2009 report drafted by former Special Rapporteur Leandro Despouy (A/64/181)2, and will consider threats facing the legal profession and measures to address them.

The questionnaire can be completed online (please follow this link: or by sending the word document that you can download here to the address The questionnaire is available in English, French and Spanish. You may answer in any of these languages. The deadline for responses is Thursday 30 June.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to submit information to the Special Rapporteur only but not the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute, please indicate it clearly in your email and/or questionnaire.

Thank you for contributing to our research.

1. Available at:
2. Available at: