OHCHR’s work in protecting the rights of LGBTI people

Our office works to end discrimination and promote the human rights of LGBTI people by doing the following:

  • Raising concerns with Governments privately and putting forward recommendations for reform
  • Monitoring and bringing to light human rights violations affecting LGBTI persons
  • Engaging in public advocacy to decriminalize same-sex conduct and strengthen human rights protection for LGBTI persons through speeches and statements, fact sheets and distribution of various other materials
  • Raising awareness about the human rights of LGBTI people through its UN Free & Equal campaign
  • Working with the private sector for greater equality for LGBTI people
  • Working with UN partners to counter discrimination and violence faced by LGBTI persons
  • Providing support for the special procedures in the context of their fact-finding activities and confidential communications with Government
  • Supporting the human rights treaty bodies that address discrimination linked to sexual orientation and gender identity; and that highlight steps that individual States should take in order to comply with their international treaty obligations in this respect
  • Providing support for the Universal Periodic Review, which holds a forum for LGBTI persons to voice their concerns, and for recommendations to be developed based on these concerns
  • Capacity-building and training to OHCHR field staff and the UN on issues and concerns that affect LGBTI people