OHCHR Expert consultation on Human Rights, Migration and Governance, 20-21 June 2013

The Secretary General has tasked OHCHR, in consultation with the Global Migration Group (GMG) and UN System partners, to lead the preparation of a concise analytical report on Migration and Human Rights, which specifically considers how attention to the rights of migrants can be strengthened within the governance framework of migration at the international level.

On 20-21 June 2013, OHCHR held an expert meeting on human rights, migration and governance in order to consult fully on the above-mentioned report. More than fifty participants engaged in this discussion, including experts from Global Migration Group members, human rights mechanisms, Member States, regional organisations, international and regional non-governmental organisations, trade unions and academia.

In this report, OHCHR identified a continuing need for regular cooperation and dialogue within the UN in order to enable systematic and norm-based interaction among all stakeholders, including States, civil society, and migrants themselves. Such a space could identify and address policy and knowledge gaps on cross-cutting and emerging issues related to migration such as countering discrimination and xenophobia against migrants, or the protection of migrants at international borders. As with other issues of a cross-cutting nature, there is no single organization in the international system that has the mandate to provide overall normative oversight and leadership in the protection of migrants’ rights, which makes the creation of such multi-stakeholder and cross-cutting dialogue spaces all the more crucial.

Read the report Migration and Human Rights: improving human rights-based governance of international migration. [E |F | S]

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