Communications/allegation letters

  • France, 6 February 2018: Information received concerning forced expulsions of Roma families based in Marseille.
  • The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 25 April 2018: Information received concerning the practice of removing Roma children from their families on poverty-related grounds and their placement in state care institutions where they experience violence, including sexual violence.

  • Slovakia, 28 November 2017: Information received concerning allegations on legal persecution against members of the Roma minority in the settlement of Budulovská in Moldava nad Bodvou, as a result of their legal action against the alleged police misconduct during the raid in the said settlement on 19 June 2013.

  • Serbia, 23 November 2016: alleged discriminatory billing against the Roma residents of Crvena Zvezda in Nis by an electricity company “Elektroprivreda Srbije”, and the continued withdrawal of electricity supply to the community since 22 August 2016.
  • Spain, 9 May 2016: Alleged human rights violations against approximately 435 people, most of them girls and boys, members of the Roma community, Romanians, living in the informal settlement known as "El Gallinero" in the municipality of Madrid.

  • Russian Federation, 15/05/2015: Alleged imminent forced eviction of 53 members of a Roma community from their settlement in the city of Irkutsk, Russian Federation
  • Republic of Moldova, 28/05/2015: Alleged failure to fully implement the Moldova Roma Community Action Plan by not placing 48 Roma community mediators in 44 communities
  • Italy, 29/6/15: Follow up on the decision by the tribunal of Rome which held that the construction of a Roma Camp, La Barbuta, was indirectly discriminatory
  • Bulgaria, 13/7/15: Alleged imminent forced eviction of two Roma families within a wider context of recent evictions orders affecting solely Romani-owned houses
  • Serbia, 21/07/2015: Alleged imminent eviction of approximately 40 Roma households residing in the informal settlement of Grmec in Zemun, Belgrade
  • France, 24/07/2015: Alleged eviction of approximately 500 Roma from the cities of R Ris Orangis, Ivry sur Seine et Porte d’Aubervillers, entre le 7 et le 9 juillet 2015
  • Bulgaria. 28/08/2015: Allegations concerning the implementation of eviction orders against sixty-one Roma households from the Maksuda Roma settlement in Mladost sub-municipality of Varna
  • Albania, 15/10/2015: Alleged imminent eviction of approximately 48 Roma families residing in an informal settlement close to the Artificial Lake in Tirana
  • Sweden, 30/10/2015: Alleged imminent eviction of approximately 150 to 200 Roma individuals, including minors and pregnant women, residing in an informal settlement known as Sorgenfrilägret in the municipality of Malmö

  • France, 04/12/2014: Alleged forced expulsion of over 300 Roma, including 50 children, living in the informal camp known as Les Coquetiers

  • Czech Republic, 22/07/2013: Alleged repeated attacks targeting Roma communities in the cities of Ceske Budejovice and Duchcov by far-right groups
  • Czech Republic, 18/03/2013: Possible establishment of a compensation mechanism for victims of non-consensual sterilizations in the Czech Republic
  • Ireland, 17/05/2013: Allegations concerning the deteriorating health condition of Irish Travellers in Ireland
  • Slovakia, 09/08/2013: Allegations concerning police violence and harassment against the residents of a Roma settlement at the outskirts of Moldava nad Bodvou in eastern Slovakia
  • Ukraine, 23/08/2013: Alleged violation of the rights of persons belonging to a Roma community, including their right to adequate housing

  • France, 09/11/2012: Alleged expulsion of Roma families from the north district of the city of Marseille
  • France, 21/08/2012: Alleged evacuation and expulsion of Roma
  • Italy, 05/07/2012: Alleged imminent forced eviction of approximately 350 Roma people from the Tor de’ Cenci camp in Rome
  • Romania, 03/05/2012: Alleged imminent forced evictions of approximately 300 Roma families from the settlements of Craica, Garii and Piritia in Baia Mare
  • Serbia, 01/06/2012: Alleged forced eviction of approximately 1,000 Roma residents (240 families) from the Belvil settlement in Belgrade

  • Bulgaria, 06/10/2011: Alleged heightened ethnic tension against Roma ethnic minority and anti-Roma demonstrations
  • Czech Republic, 19/09/2011: Alleged racially motivated actions against Roma in the Czech Republic
  • Moldova, 20/05/2011: Alleged disparities in access to health care
  • Romania, 19/08/2011: Alleged building of a wall surrounding apartment building populated mainly by Roma residents, and additional discriminatory treatment in regard to the right to housing
  • United Kingdom, 07/04/2011: Alleged threat of eviction of Romani and Irish Traveller families

  • Italy, 27/04/2010: Alleged bulldozing of 80 makeshift Roma shelters and mass expulsion of 95 Romanian Roma
  • Italy, 19/03/2010: Alleged implementation of “Nomad Plan” resulting in the eviction of hundreds of Roma
  • Serbia, 03/05/2010: Alleged forced evictions of Roma communities living in informal settlements in Belgrade

  • Bulgaria, 14/10/2009: Alleged forced eviction and housing demolition of 40 Romani households in the Gorno Ezerovo district of Bourgas
  • Italy, 23/04/2009: Alleged eviction of a community of about 140 Roma people in Milan
  • Serbia, 06/05/2009: Alleged forced eviction of about 47 Roma families in Belgrade

  • Italy, 23/05/2008: Alleged attacks against a Roma settlement in the outskirts of Naples and Milan
  • Slovakia, 27/05/2008: Alleged closing down of the Lucenec High School for the Roma community

  • Czech Republic, 10/05/2007: Alleged sub-standard quality of housing for high proportions of socially excluded Roma localities, including in the Moravian town of Vsetin
  • Czech Republic, 21/08/2007: Alleged sub-standard housing conditions and forced evictions of Roma minority communities
  • Greece, 20/07/2007: Alleged eviction of 60 families, representing more than 400 persons, of the Riganokampos and Makrigianni Roma communities in Patras
  • Italy, 18/10/2007: Alleged evictions of Roma communities in Rome and Pisa
  • Kosovo, 10/01/2007: Alleged contamination of Osterode camp

  • Kosovo, 27/03/2006: Alleged contamination of the Mitrovica region and the complexities surrounding the availability of Camp Osterode
  • Russian Federation, 07/06/2006: Alleged targeted discrimination and forced eviction of Roma living in the Northwest Federal District of the Russian Federation
  • Turkey, 31/07/2006: Alleged detrimental consequences of demolition project in historic Romani neighbourhood of the municipality of Fatih, Istanbul

A summary of all the communications and the replies received from the concerned State are included in the annual Communications report submitted to the Human Rights Council. They can also be accessed through a searchable database.