List of speakers with presentations Expert Group meeting on the rights and security of religious minorities

Session 1. Who are we talking about and why? Introducing the concepts

Rita Izsák, Independent Expert on minority issues—Chair
Heiner Bielefeldt, Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief  (via video-conference)
Nazila Ghanea, Lecturer in international human rights law

Session 2. Rights of religious minorities – Challenges, violations and examples of good practices in addressing them

Antti Korkeakivi, Chief, Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Section, OHCHR
Waheeda Amien “Personal laws and the legal recognition of religious minority claims: Opportunities and challenges”
Javaid Rehman “From Recognition to Security and Survival: Rights of Religious Minorities”

Session 3. Security of religious minorities—from discrimination to insecurity and violence?

Anat Scolnicov, “Between group rights and individual rights: outlining the spectrum of the rights pertaining to religious minorities”
Abdul Rashid Ismail “Is there light at the end of the tunnel: Religious issues before civil courts”
Michael Wiener “Ensuring non-discrimination and security for persons belonging to religious minorities: A brief commentary on the mandate practice of the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief since 1986”
Chris Chapman “Advancing the security of religious minorities in conflict and post conflict situations”

Session 4. Ways forward

Malcolm Evans, “Some radical thoughts to prompt some radical new thinking?”
Johannes van der Ven “The Complexity of Religious Minority Rights”
Diane ‘Ala’i “Strengthening our response to violations against religious minorities: How can we better advance their rights?”