The Special Rapporteur’s Study on Protection of Roma

The Special Rapporteur on minority issues has followed with careful attention the situation of Roma around the world. This includes monitoring cases of concern through the communications procedures, ensuring sufficient attention are paid to Roma issues in country missions where Roma reside, undertaking extensive research on Roma worldwide in the form of her Global Study and report on Roma in the Americas, and issuing press releases and media statements where relevant on urgent issues and other matters of concern facing Roma communities.

The following webpages highlight some of the work undertaken in this regard and include:

  • Information and access to the Special Rapporteurs Global Study on the human rights situation of Roma worldwide
  • Information and access to the Special Rapporteurs work on the Situation of Roma in the Americas
  • Highlights regarding Human Rights of Roma in the Special Rapporteur’s Thematic and Country visits reports
  • Full access to the Communications addressing alleged violations of human rights of Roma
  • Press releases and media statements by the Special Rapporteur relevant to Roma
  • Useful Links relating to Human Rights of Roma