OHCHR’s mandate

As the UN system-wide focal point for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, OHCHR has promoted explicit recognition of the connection between human rights and poverty.

In addition to working with the Organization’s human rights mechanisms to clarify the relationship between human rights and poverty, OHCHR, in the context of the human rights mainstreaming process, works with its UN sister agencies and programmes to integrate human rights-based approaches into poverty reduction strategies and programmes.

Recent examples include the United Nations strategy for halving extreme poverty and its options for action, a UNDG Training Module on Poverty, United Nations system consultations on and review of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, and the development of the United Nations Millennium Declaration Roadmap.

OHCHR also convenes expert workshops and seminars on human rights and poverty, and undertakes research and analysis to assist the Commission on Human Rights in its consideration of the need for a declaration on human rights and extreme poverty.