Activities carried out by the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights

January 2020 Visit to Spain

September 2019

August 2019 Visit to Malaysia

March 2019 Visit to Lao PDR

22 February 2018 UN expert on extreme poverty and human rights to visit Ghana

31 January 2018 Special Rapporteur sends a reply to the Australian Government on Social Services Legislation Amendment Act and Cashless Bill (See the Australian Government's reply, 15 January 2018)

15 December 2017 Press conference at the end of the SR's visit to the USA

1-15 December 2017 UN expert on extreme poverty and human rights to visit the United States (Spanish version)

25 October 2017 The Special Rapporteur sends a follow-up letter to the Government of Saudi Arabia on women's rights (25 October 2017)

17 October 2017 Information Note: "UN expert denounces Australia plan to drug-test benefit claimants as "cheap shot" at most vulnerable" (17 October 2017) (See the full letter to the Government)

3 October 2017 The Special Rapporteur delivers remarks on "Brazil's approach to promoting austerity through a constitutional amendment" (3 October 2017, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

5 October 2016 "The UN's lawyers are effectively defending impunity, rather than immunity" - Letter to the Deputy Secretary-General on the UN responsibility for the cholera outbreak in Haiti and
12 October 2016 his reply

The UN's abdication approach is morally unconscionable, legally indefensible and politically self-defeating", Special Rapporteur publishes a report on the UN's responsibility for the cholera outbreak in Haiti

29 September 2015, The approach of the World Bank is incoherent and unsustainable": Special Rapporteur publishes report on World Bank and human rights

12 February 2015, Tax Policy is Human Rights Policy: The Irish Debate" - The Special Rapporteur delivers a keynote address at Christian Aid conference on The Human Rights Impact of Tax and Fiscal Policy

12 December 2014, the Special Procedures mandate holders issue a letter to the World Bank concerning the review of its Safeguards policies

7 November 2014, Special Rapporteur publishes an op-ed in the Washington Post on the World Bank's long-standing aversion to discussing human rights

24 October 2014, Special Rapporteur presents his first report to the General Assembly

15 October 2014, Special Rapporteur delivers a keynote address at the Nordic Trust Fund for Human Rights and Development Annual Workshop: "Rethinking the World Bank's approach to human rights"