The fourth Social Forum (2006)

The fourth Social Forum was held in 2006 with a focus on the fight against poverty and the right to participation: the role of women.

The 2006 Social Forum was comprised of three panels:

  • The feminization of poverty: causes, effects and solutions
  • Women, employment, and empowerment through participation
  • Discussion of the draft guiding principles "extreme poverty and human rights: the rights of the poor" prepared by the ad hoc expert group on the need to develop guiding principles on the implementation of existing human rights norms and standards in the context of the fight against extreme poverty

In response to Human Rights Council decision 2006/102 the last plenary session of the fourth Social Forum was dedicated to the discussion of "vision and recommendations for expert advice to the human rights council: the future of the social forum."

The report of the 2006 Social Forum (A/HRC/Sub.1/58/15) was submitted to the Sub-Commission at its fifty-eighth session. It contains a summary of each panel discussion, conclusions and recommendations.

Background documents

Programme . E

The provisional agenda

A/HRC/Sub.1/58/SF/1 A C E F R S
Background note prepared by the Secretariat A/HRC/Sub.1/58/SF/2 E R S
Working paper submitted by Ms. Chin-sung Chung A/HRC/Sub.1/58/SF/3 E C R S
Sub-Commission resolution 2005/8 E F S
Report of the Third Social Forum - 2005 E/CN.4/Sub.2/2005/21 E F S R C A
Final Report of Ad Hoc Expert Group on the Need to Develop Guiding Principles on the Implementation of Existing Human Rights Norms and Standards in the Context of the Fight Against Extreme Poverty A/HRC/Sub.1/58/16 E F R
Human Rights Council Decision 2006/102 Dec 2006/102 E