The 2012 Social Forum

The 2012 Social Forum took place from 1 to 3 October 2012 in Room XXI, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, in accordance with paragraph 6 of Human Rights Council resolution 19/24 entitled “The Social Forum”.

As requested by the Council in the above-mentioned resolution, the 2012 Social Forum focused on “People-centred development and globalization”, and in particular:

(a) People-centred development and global governance in an era of multiple challenges and social transformation;
(b) Promoting measures and actions for participatory development and democratic governance, including through the role of civil society and social movements at the grass-roots, local and national levels;
(c) Enhancing a globally enabling environment for development, including through the international financial system, which should support sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth, sustainable development and hunger and poverty eradication in developing countries, while allowing for the coherent mobilization of all sources of financing for development;

For enquires, please contact the Secretariat of the Social Forum (fax: + 41 22 928 9010; e-mail:

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