Statements and Presentations


Day 1

Opening of the Social Forum

KEYNOTE panel: People-centred development and globalization

Panel 1: Participatory development
Moderator: Mr. Obiora Okafor, Member, Advisory Committee of the Human Rights Council

Panel 2: Democratic governance
Moderator: Ms. Nathalie Prouvez, Chief, Rule of Law and Democracy Section, OHCHR

Day 2

Panel 3: Social movements
Moderator: Mr. Koen de Feyter, Professor, University of Antwerp

Panel 4: Social movements and women’s rights
Moderator: Ms. Isha Dyfan, Chief, Women’s Human Rights and Gender Section, OHCHR

Panel 5: Coherent mobilization of all sources of financingfor development
Moderator: Ms. Eva Hanfstaengl, Executive Director, Social Justice in Global Development

Panel 6: The international financial system and enhancing a globally enabling environment for development
Moderator: Ms. Jean Saldanha, Policy and Advocacy Officer on Resources for Development, CIDSE - Catholic NGO Network

Day 3

Roundtable: Strengthening the global partnership for development
Moderator: Ms. Jyoti Sanghera, Chief, Human Rights and Economic and Social Issues Section, OHCHR

  • Ms. Cécile Molinier, Director, UNDP Geneva
  • Ms. Sarah Cook, Director, UNRISD
  • Mr. Taffere Tesfachew, Director, Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes, UNCTAD
  • Mr. Ali Jazairy, Head, Innovation and Technology Transfer Section, WIPO
  • Mr. Stephen Pursey, Director, Policy Integration Department and Senior Adviser to the Director-General, ILO
  • Mr. Hans-Peter Werner, Counsellor, Development Division, WTO

Panel 7: Promoting sustainable development in an era of globalization
Moderator: Ms. Myrna Cunningham, Member, UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Panel 8: Innovative approaches to development and globalization
Moderator: Ms. Virginia Dandan, independent expert on human rights and international solidarity

Conclusions and recommendations

  • Mr. Martin Khor, Executive Director, South Centre
  • Summing up: Chairperson - Rapporteur