Privacy and Children

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Issued by:
Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy
To inform the public of the topic of the Special Rapporteur’s upcoming report to the HRC in March 2021

Objectives of the report

The Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy will examine the privacy rights of children and how this right interacts with the interests of other actors as the child develops the capacity for autonomy.

Inputs received

Regional Organisations and UN Agencies

1. Council of Europe

2. Economic Commission Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)


4. OHCHR (MENA) (citation only)

NHRI's/Ombudsman/Commissions/Privacy and Data Protection

1. Albania Data Protection Authority

2. Australian Human Rights Commission

3. Canadian Human Rights Commission

4. CNIL English | Français

5. National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information – Hungary (Part I, Part II)

6. NSW Privacy Commissioner (Australia)

7. Office of Victorian Information Commission (Australia)

8. Ombudsman for Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

9. Republic of Croatia Ombudsman for Children

10.South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People (Australia)

11.UK Information Commissioner's Office

NGOs and Civil Society Organizations

1. Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

2. Ariel Foundation International

3. Belgian Disability Forum

4. Campaign for commercial-free childhood(ccfc)/Center for Digital Democracy

5. Center for Reproductive Rights

6. Children of Prisoners Europe (COPE)

7. Choice for Youth and Sexuality

8. DefendDigitalMe

9. Families Outside

10. Future of Privacy Forum

11. Human Rights Watch (HRW)

12. International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents (INCCIP)

13. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLAI),

14. Internet Lab and Alana

15. ILGA Europe/TGBEU/iglyo


17. Maat

18. Matimba

19. NNID Foundation Netherlands organisation for sex diversity

20. OIIEurope

21. Outright Action International

22. Parentalrights Foundation

23. Parents Together

24. Promsex

25. Quakers UN Office (QUNO)

26. 5RightsFoundation

Other Stakeholders (Academic, Corporations, Professional bodies and Individuals)

1.ACT/The App Association

2. Albania DPA


4.Bunn, A. Curtin University, Australia

5.Center for International Human Rights (CIHR) Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, Chicago, Illinois USA

6.Crock, J.M. American University


8.GETIS Project Brazil

9.Global Privacy Assembly, Digital Education Working Group (GPADEWG)

10. T.J. Kohler, USA  (citation only)

11. McCarthy, A.

12. Mahieu, C.

13. Reed, B, McKemmish, S, Evans, J. (2020), Submission 'Rights in Records by Design', Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP170100198, Information Technology, Monash University, Australia; Human Rights Committee, CCPR/C/130/D/29Ċ18/2016, 28 December 2020

14. Steeves, V. and Bailey, J. The eQuality Project

15. Tobin, J. and Field, S.M. 'Article 16, The Right to Protection of Privacy, Family, Home, Correspondence, Honour and Reputation' in John Tobin (ed) The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Commentary (OUP 2019) 551

16. M. Vritschan (citation only)

17. YOTI