Call for inputs on human rights in Belarus for the report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus to the UN General Assembly

31 May 2021
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To inform the United Nations General Assembly on the situation of human rights in Belarus.

*If a submission is received after the deadline, the information can still be considered for the following year’s report.


Each year the Special Rapporteur on Belarus prepares and presents a report to the UN General Assembly entitled “The Situation of human rights in Belarus”. This report provides an update on the subject of human rights in Belarus.

Objectives of the report

The report summarizes the main human rights trends in Belarus and contains a selection of cases brought to the attention of the Special Rapporteur. The decision to include cases is made on the basis of the principles of ‘do no harm’ and informed consent. This year’s report, in addition to the overall human rights situation, will also focus on human rights of women.

Key questions and types of input

If you are submitting individual case(s), please ensure that:

  1. There is a direct link between the reported incident and the human rights situation in Belarus, and that the case falls within the scope of Human Rights Council resolution 44/19.
  2. Consent has been obtained from the alleged victim or his/her family or legal representative to share the information (NOTE: case information may also be shared with OHCHR confidentially and for information only, and therefore will not be included in any report. Please indicate this clearly on your submission).

If you are submitting analysis, observations and input on general trends and thematic issues, consider the following:

  1. Patterns and trends during the reporting period, including any changes observed from previous years (e.g. increase or decrease of cases recorded in a specific community or measures taken against a specific group).
  2. Thematic observations – in relation for example to women’s experiences and targeting of groups as well as particularities of contexts, actors, tactics, and motivations.

How and where to submit inputs

Inputs should include information on the overall human rights situation in Belarus, including women’s rights, and may include incidents or trends during the reporting period (up to 31 May), and may be sent by email or through other secure channels of communication available upon request by 31 May.

E-mail address: (other secure channels available upon request)
E-mail subject line:
Inputs for the SR’s report
File formats:
Accepted languages:
English, Russian, Belarusian

Treatment of inputs received

Inputs will be processed and allegations verified according to OHCHR’s methodology on human rights monitoring and reporting. The report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus will be presented and discussed during the October 2021 session of the UN General Assembly.