How to share information about cases of intimidation and reprisals  

Quick guide on submitting information in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish

The mechanisms referred to below have developed specific ways to address and respond to allegations of intimidation and reprisal against those cooperating with them or with the UN in general in the field of human rights.

Please note that the informed consent of the alleged victim is a prerequisite for the information to be reported on and action to be taken.

Information about allegations of intimidation and reprisals can be shared with the respective mechanisms as follows:

Human Rights Council and Universal Periodic Review

Special Procedures

Treaty Bodies

Please contact the Secretariat of the
Human Rights Council or the Universal Periodic Review

- Special procedures mandate holders concerned, using their respective generic email address (see list of email addresses)

- Urgent action email address or through an online questionnaire

Acts of intimidation and reprisal for cooperation with the treaty bodies

Respective treaty bodies:

- Individual complaints procedures: Petitions Team:

Senior Official on UN Systemwide Efforts

In addition, a specific e-mail address - - has been created to receive information on alleged cases of intimidation or reprisal for cooperation with the UN on human rights, or in follow-up to cases contained in previous reports of the Secretary-General on reprisals. Alleged cases can be reported throughout the year.

Please note that copying this email address in all submissions related to reprisals and intimidation for cooperation with the UN on human rights will facilitate appropriate follow-up.