D. Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Treaty of the SADC (Excerpts)


WE, the Heads of State or Government of:

The People's Republic of Angola
The Republic of Botswana
The Kingdom of Lesotho
The Republic of Malawi
The Republic of Mozambique
The Republic of Namibia
The Kingdom of Swaziland
The United Republic of Tanzania
The Republic of Zambia
The Republic of Zimbabwe

HAVING REGARD to the objectives set forth in "Southern Africa: Toward Economic Liberation - A Declaration by the Governments of Independent States of Southern Africa, made at Lusaka, on the 1st April, 1980";

IN PURSUANCE of the principles of " Towards a Southern African Development Community - A Declaration made by the Heads of State or Government of Southern Africa at Windhoek, in August, 1992," which affirms our commitment to establish a Development Community in the Region;

DETERMINED to ensure, through common action, the progress and well-being of the people of Southern Africa ;

CONSCIOUS of our duty to promote the interdependence and integration of our national economies for the harmonious, balanced and equitable development of the Region;

CONVINCED of the need to mobilise our own and international resources to promote the implementation of national, interstate and regional policies, programmes and projects within the framework for economic integration;

DEDICATED to secure, by concerted action, international understanding, support and co-operation;

MINDFUL of the need to involve the people of the Region centrally in the process of development and integration, particularly through the guarantee of democratic rights, observance of human rights and the rule of law;

RECOGNISING that, in an increasingly interdependent world, mutual understanding, good neighbourliness, and meaningful co-operation among the countries of the Region are indispensable to the realisation of these ideals;

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Lagos Plan of Action and the Final Act of Lagos of April 1980, and the Treaty establishing the African Economic Community signed at Abuja , on the 3rd of June, 1991 ;

BEARING IN MIND the principles of international law governing relation between States;

Have decided to establish an international organisation to be known as the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and hereby agree as follows:

Chapter three




SADC and its Member States shall act in accordance with the following principles:

c. human rights, democracy and the rule of law;



1. The objectives of SADC shall be to:

b. promote common political values, systems and other shared values which are transmitted through institutions which are democratic, legitimate and effective;

c. consolidate, defend and maintain democracy, peace, security and stability;



1. Member States undertake to adopt adequate measures to promote the achievement of the objectives of SADC, and shall refrain from taking any measure likely to jeopardise the sustenance of its principles, the achievement of its objectives and the implementation of the provisions of this Treaty.

2. SADC and Member States shall not discriminate against any person on grounds of gender, religion, political views, race, ethnic origin, culture, ill health, disability, or such other ground as may be determined by the Summit .

3. SADC shall not discriminate against any Member State .

4. Member States shall take all steps necessary to ensure the uniform application of this Treaty.

5. Member States shall take all necessary steps to accord this Treaty the force of national law.

6. Member States shall co-operate with and assist institutions of SADC in the performance of their duties.