Communications sent since 2016

All communications issued after 1 June 2016 and replies from States received after 1 August 2016 are available in the searchable electronic database.

Communications are confidential until they are published in the joint communications report three to six months after they are transmitted to the concerned Governments. Allegation letters are identified with (AL), urgent appeal with (UA), and other communications with (OTH). Several communications are addressed jointly with other Special procedure mandates, and are therefore joint communications, identified with as JAL or JUA.

Below is a list of communications issued by the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery from April 2019, organised in a chronological order. It contains only those communications that have been published in Special Procedures communications database.



Type of comm and ref.

Summary of the allegations transmitted
(original language)

Reply from State

United Kingdom5 November 2021 OL GBR 11/2021
Concerns in relation to the impact of the Nationality and Borders Bill on the human rights of victims of trafficking/contemporary forms of slavery, and the State’s obligations under international law to prevent trafficking in persons, and to assist and protect all victims of trafficking, without discrimination

Turkmenistan30 Aug 2021 AL TKM 2/2021
Concerns raised regarding allegations of forced labour in the cotton picking harvest of 2019 and 2020
7 October 2021
Mali31/05/2021 AL MLI 2/2021 Préoccupations concernant des violations et atteintes aux droits de l’homme graves que continuent de subir les personnes considérées comme esclaves, particulièrement dans la région de Kayes
UK27/05/2021 AL GBR 6/2021 Information received concerning changes made to the Overseas Domestic Worker visa in April 2012, amendments made to the Immigration Bill which in May 2016 became the Immigration Act 2016, and the consequences of these legislative changes, which are still in effect.
28 July 2021
Brazil 07/06/2019 JAL (BRA 08/2019)

Concerns regarding presidential Decree n. 9759/2019 of 11 April 2019, which according to its title "extinguishes and establishes guidelines, rules and limitations" for the administration of federal public collegiate bodies, through a number of provisions reversing the mechanisms necessary for the exercise of fundamental freedoms and the participation of civil society actors in public affairs.

Ecuador 03/04/2019 JAL (ECU 04/2019)Presuntas violaciones de los derechos de los trabajadores y las familias que viven en haciendas en las plantaciones de abacá de la empresa japonesa Furukawa Plantaciones C. A. del Ecuador. 
Ecuador03/04/2019 OTH (14/2019)Idem 
Japan03/04/2019 JAL (JPN 02/2019)Alleged violations of the rights of workers and families living on farms in the abaca plantations of the Japanese company Furukawa Plantaciones C.A. in Ecuador.