Latest activities

On 18 October 2018, the Special Rapporteur participated in a high-level side event of the Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons in Vienna, as well as in a side-event on the prevention of trafficking for the purpose of forced labour, organised at the margins of the Conference of the Parties of the UNTOC in Vienna.

On 26 October 2018, on the margin of the presentation of her thematic report to the General Assembly in New York, she held a joint side event with the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery on the gendered dimensions of contemporary forms of slavery and trafficking in persons.

On 29 October 2018, she delivered a keynote speech on ‘Access to Rights from National and International Perspectives’ and a contribution at the workshop organized by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development on Access to Rights for Trafficked Migrants, Asylum Applicants and Refugees along the Western Balkan Route, during a conference organized by the Austrian Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the “EU Anti-Trafficking Day”.

On 22 November 2018, she participated in a webinar on the identification and referral of trafficked victims, organized by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development.

On 8 December 2018, she was a keynote speaker in two side events taking place at the margins of the Intergovernmental Conference on the Global Compact on Migration, in Marrakech. The first event focused on “Operational Tools to Address and Reduce Vulnerabilities in Migration on Objective 7: Address and reduce vulnerabilities in migration” and was organized jointly by the Government of Brazil, UNODC, IOM and UNICEF. The second event revolved around the role of Special Procedures in the implementation of the Global Compact on Migration and was organized by UN Quakers.

On 14 December 2018, she participated as a keynote speaker in an expert group meeting organized by CEDAW on its draft General Recommendation on Trafficking in Women and Girls in the Context of Global Migration. She further contributed to the CEDAW half-day of general discussion on the General Recommendation, organized in Geneva on 22 February 2019, through a written submission.

On 12 February 2019, she participated, via teleconference, in UNODC expert group meeting on the revision of the Model Law on Trafficking in Persons in Vienna.

On 9 April 2019, she was invited as a panellist to the international conference of ‘Orientamenti Pastorali sulla tratta di esseri umani’, organised by the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Vatican City.

On 11 April 2019, she delivered a speech in the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Comité Contre l’Esclavage Moderne, celebrated at the National Assembly in Paris.