Expert Consultation on Effective Remedies for Trafficked Persons
(Bratislava, 22-23 November 2010)


24 November 2010: States must redress wrongs committed against trafficked persons - “It is their human rights obligation”

"In the exercise of her mandate, the Special Rapporteur has found that despite the fundamental nature of the right to an effective remedy, in practice there remains a large gap between legal provisions and their implementation in relation to trafficked persons. The Special Rapporteur has received mounting reports that trafficked persons are often left without either remedies or the support necessary to access justice, which increases their risk of being re-trafficked and re-victimised.

In response, the Special Rapporteur intends to address issues related to the right to an effective remedy in her next report to the Human Rights Council in 2011. In this report, she wishes to examine the conceptual basis of the right to an effective remedy in the context of trafficking in persons and put forward recommendations to States and other actors on how they could fulfil their obligations to provide effective remedies to trafficked persons.

As part of the process of developing this report, the Special Rapporteur convened a two-day consultation which was held on November 22-23 in Bratislava, Slovakia."


Presentations / Resource Materials:

Session 1: The Right to an Effective Remedy – Framework, Content and Scope

Session 2: State Responses

Session 3: Concrete Strategies and Implementation